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You have come to the homepage of David Alan Smith, a Renaissance styled artist . Formally trained in fine arts, David has bridged his artistic talents with many other disciplines in such areas as Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, Political Cartooning and more... In addition to his visual arts background and experience, he is an author and has currently self published over six books, all available on Amazon.com.

David's creative talents have been brought to use in many different venues of work experiences. Some of these include Exhibits Director (Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit Planetarium), Exhibit Designer (Creative Displays, Miami, FL), Art Director, J&M Graphics, Full Service Advertising Agency, and the proprietor of David A. Smith Graphic Designs, a Full Service Design Studio in Miami, Florida.

Spanning over 40 years of service the South Florida community with his artistic and creative talents, his knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields has proven successful for himself and many of his clients, ranging from computer software companies, medical instrumentation companies and land development.

His passion since childhood was to become an artist. In keeping with his lifelong vision, his passion is illustration and realistic painting.

To add to his insatiable desire to learn and expand his horizons, David has been busy as a writer and has self-published several books.


Original painting by the artist. Portrait of Makenna

These are a few of his web designs that he has produced and is excited about.(Above) Website design for European Ceramics and Mosaics, Inc,. High-end pool designs for the world's finest homes.

(Below) Website design for Wild Deer Scotch Whisky company, importer of fine 40 year old Single Malt Whiskys and other spirits and fine wines.
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